Welcome Last Week’s High Roller!


He has only been with us for about 4 months and is KILLING IT! So Proud of you, Kevin!

We took the time and asked a few questions to see what he is doing to move up in our company so quickly:

1. What did you do differently last week?

Last week, I really took control of all of the situations. The clients don’t know what they want, so I’m there to inform on what is going on. I also trained a lot of people last weeks and showed them the end goal of all of this. I made sure I lead the team, but also had fun.

2. What motivates you?

Ramses teaches me so much, and I really appreciate all of the meetings he holds with us. He teaches us not to lazy. Work hard now, and then the rest of your life will be a vacation.

3. What is your favorite part about working here?

It is never the same thing everyday at work, I am never bored! I love actually having conversations with people instead of hiding behind a phone. This position really gets me out of my shell, which I love.

Awesome job, Kevin!




Gerber worked his butt off and killed it last week. We interviewed him to see what he did to step up his game!


What did you do differently last week?

I focused on my mission, didn’t cut any corners. Made sure I was following the system.


What motivates you to keep going?

Knowing I will be running my OWN office. I get to be the CEO. It drives me to do more.


What is your favorite part about working?

I love the people. All of my coworkers are like family to me. They motivate me to do better, and will always do the same for them.


Great job Gerber! We are so proud!


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