The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Will Heilpern


Good morning! Here’s everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. WPP CEO Martin Sorrell says Britain’s decision to vote to leave the EU has left him “very disappointed.” Sorrell laid out his immediate concerns about Brexit including the “resulting uncertainty” which will “slow decision-making.”

2. European advertising company stocks have been hurt after Brexit vote. WPP, Publicis Groupe, and Havas were among those that saw their stock price drop following the news that Britain will leave the EU.

3. IPG CEO Michael Roth says that volatility caused by Britain’s decision to vote to leave the EU “should normalize.”Roth said in a statement: “Longer-term, as long as open trade remains a priority, markets should normalize, and that’s the time-line we’re focused on.”

4. Ryanair has launched a promotion for people who “need a getaway” after the EU referendum result. An ad for the deal uses the famous “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” monkeys and replaces them with UKIP leader Nigel Farage, former London Mayor Boris Johnson, and justice secretary Michael Gove.

5. YouTube is officially incorporating live-streaming capabilities into its mobile app. Previously live-streaming was not available in YouTube’s app, which has allowed Facebook and Twitter to get ahead on live-video.

6. Facebook now offers political bias training to its staff, COO Sheryl Sandberg announced. It follows allegations from former news “curators” at Facebook that the social media network has an anti-conservative bias.

7. Unilever has pledged to eradicate sexist female stereotyping from its ads. The company promised it will “advance portrayals of gender” across more than 400 of its brands – which include Knorr, Dove, Cif and Surf.

8. A German appeals court has ruled that Adblock Plus’ “Acceptable Ads List” business model is illegal. The court said that ad blocking itself wasn’t illegal, but that Adblock Plus asking companies to pay to appear on its whitelist is in breach of German unfair competition law. The case was brought by Business Insider parent company Axel Springer.

9. Martha Stewart told us how it felt to suddenly become a billionaire in a single day when Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia launched its IPO. ”That was a great day,” the publishing and commerce entrepreneur said at Cannes.

10.Martha Stewart also explained what it was like to spend five months in jail.Stewart spent five months in jail for obstructing a federal securities investigation, where she spent time developing her skills in cookery and craft.


Social media apps overwhelmingly dominate mobile traffic

Andrew Meola

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To the surprise of few, social media eats up the most time spent on mobile devices.

The latest Global Internet Phenomena Report by Sandvine tracked March data from multiple Internet service providers and confirmed that social media is the main traffic driver on the mobile web. The firm measured traffic during the peak hours of 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. and broke out data consumption in terms of upstream consumption, or uploading content, and downstream consumption, or downloading content.

YouTube represented the greatest share of U.S. mobile traffic at 19%, and more people downloaded and streamed content (21%) than uploaded (5%). Based on the study, YouTube remains the go-to destination for video consumption among U.S. mobile users.

Facebook ranked second with a 14% share, though this number does not include WhatsApp and Instagram. Upstream and downstream connections among users stood at 15% and 21%, respectively, which shows people upload and download content on Facebook at a relatively equal rate. And the bandwidth consumed on Facebook should rise in the future as Facebook continues to grow its video offerings and promotes virtual reality content.

Instagram by itself ranked fifth with a 6.3% share of total U.S. mobile traffic, and this should also rise as Facebook promotes the platform more. Interestingly, Facebook would have the largest share at 22% after combining Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Snapchat placed behind Instagram at 5.1%, an impressive feat given the company’s youth and size. It also led all messaging apps by beating WhatsApp and Kik. The data consumption numbers of the company, however, are not surprising considering that the platform’s primary messaging is videos and photos. And Snapchat’s share should also increase as it expands its offerings and attracts more advertisers.

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How to Read Faces

thYou’re talking to a co-worker about your last successful campaign and you notice the corners of their mouth tighten and shift downward. They tilt their head and their eyebrows come together just a little. Suddenly, you realize that maybe they haven’t been doing so well. You ask if they are doing well or if they need anything and suddenly, their face relaxes and their eyes widen with interest. They tell you they’ve actually been struggling and could use some advice from someone like you.

Congratulations, you’re a face-reader.

No, not a mind-reader; a face-reader. Reading faces is a valuable skill not only in the working world but in every day life. Being able to guess what a person is thinking simply be reading the small gestures (often called micro-expressions) on a person’s face helps you navigate your way to the top of the dog pile by being more empathetic. You’re not a mind-reader, but you’re the next best thing.

There are four parts of the face to pay attention to when you are trying to read a person.

1. The eyes. Pupils dilate and become large when a person is legitimately interested in what you have to say. However, if they are angry or they think they’ve perceived something offensive, the pupils become very small and focus intently on the subject of their anger: you. If the other person’s eyes narrow or squint, they think you’re being dishonest, so it’s best to clarify what you’ve just said. And finally, eyes that can’t focus, that dart here and there signify discomfort and distraction. Get them to focus on you again and sell your point!

2. The lips. A person will purse or tighten their lips into a hard, straight line when they are on the defensive. They are frustrated or they disagree with something that’s been said. In the opposite direction, a person who puckers their lips, or bites them, in any way drawing attention to their mouth is feeling unsure or vulnerable. In this case, it’s best to be comforting and reassuring but establishing your dominance. Be the leader and do it now! A person whose lips twitch is hiding something. They might be lying and trying to hide their pleasure with themselves by suppressing a smile. Call them out.

3. The nose. The nose doesn’t move as much as the lips or eyes, but it still has a lot to say. A reddened nose indicates increased blood-flow and simply means the person is lying and unsure of what they are saying. When a person’s nose is flared, meaning the nostrils are wide, they are clearly angry or annoyed. Generally, when the nose is crinkled as if the person smells something bad, it’s because they are contemptuous and have disdain for you or what you’ve said. Time to put on the charm!

4. The eyebrows. If you’ve ever seen a silent movie, you know how much emotion we can convey just by raising or pulling together your eyebrows. High brows show fear, surprise, or interest. Eyebrows that are lowered and form several wrinkles on the forehead can either mean anger or intense concentration. And last, if you notice the eyebrows are lop-sided with one raised and one lowered, it usually indicates the person is confused or uncertain. It’s best then to assuage their fears and sound more confident.

While gestures can change with a person’s upbringing or their cultural background, facial expressions linked to emotions are universal. Disgust, surprise, fear, and love look the same in one part of the world as another. Mastering the ability to read subtle and overt facial expressions will make you a master at communication and negotiation and a valuable company asset.

Turn Lemons into Lemonade

Negatives into Positives! #FastTrakInc

Negatives into Positives! #FastTrakInc

Life is difficult.  No one debates that.  It is a fact…unless you are a robot.

Everyone has to deal with negatives.  It is how we deal with these negatives that we turn into who we are today.

Ramses Gavilondo, CEO of Fast Trak Inc, believes that turning everything that comes your way into a positive is essential to success in life.

Ramses and everyone at Fast Trak Inc. could tell a story of woe about their past life but they do not!  Why does no one talk about their life and all of the obstacles they have overcome?

To be blunt…no one cares.  It does not matter what a person has gone through as long as it has only made them stronger and motivated to succeed in life.

Ramses and the Fast Trak Inc team all agree that if you let obstacles impact you then you will become a broken person.  If you learn from your mistakes and let them make you stronger, smarter, and more successful then you will be unstoppable in this world!

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Fast Trak Inc Promotions

Promotions, Achievements and Community Efforts in Just One Summer at PRLog (Press Release)

Today, the company is expanding and has recently announced that this summer it has enjoyed a number of meetings that have helped them improve their inner functions and systems. The company has also announced several achievements that they have celebrated for the first time.

“We’re really excited this summer,” said a member of management recently. “So much has happened and we’re really thrilled about it. Not only have we held, and visited, a number of different events to help us improve how we work as a business, but we’ve also enjoyed financial success that we’ve not been able to match before. We’ve even had a number of promotions, giving people who have proven themselves in their work the opportunity to become leaders in our company. It’s really a great time to be a part of Fast Trak, Inc.”

The successful meetings that were mentioned include a paintball team day that happened this summer. This team day was all about getting people to work together, get to know one another better and to learn how to work well together to achieve the same goal. The participants enjoyed the event very much, and benefited from a full day of team building exercises.

Two top leaders from different businesses, including Fast Trak Inc., also attended other educational seminars that allowed them to come back with knowledge about different and innovative industry tactics. The event proved a great way for Fast Trak, Inc. leaders to learn more about their trade and how to manage a team effectively. These events include famous guest speakers, as well as a number of topics and activities that helped them become better in their role at work.

There was also a meeting in Dallas, where a number of Fast Trak, Inc. leaders got together to discuss the industry, climate and their methods of motivating their teams. It proved to be a very successful day, and leaders came back with great new tactics and ideas about how to improve productivity at work.

Fast Trak, Inc. Sees Tremendous Home Improvement Sector Growth

Several achievements have been celebrated, too, perhaps most notably in the home improvements division. The company announced that the home improvements division of their lead generation and marketing efforts has become the number one profitable and successful part of the business.

“Here at Fast Trak, Inc., we provide our sales, marketing and lead generation services to people from a range of different industries. Our divisions are always working hard to assist as many great clients as possible, and we can announce this summer that the home improvement section has done remarkably well,” said company owner Ramses Gavilondo.

In fact, the success comes as the company announces a massive 188 leads over the past week, which has brought in more than $20,000 in total revenue for that week. Gavilondo continued, “This level of success shows that we’re doing something right! Our team members are supported throughout their career, and given the chance to work closely with their managers. By ensuring that teamwork is maximized, we have led ourselves to the success that we are enjoying today. These successes have also meant that we have promoted a number of people to higher positions, to help us with our expansion.”

This summer Alex Ghesling became a team leader within the company. Management expressed their delight at Alex’s promotion, and how they look forward to working with him in the future. Alex’s new role will involve managing and overseeing new projects, speaking directly with clients and ensuring that different industries are always properly catered for.

Fostering a Culture of Giving Back at Fast Trak, Inc.

To top this all off, Fast Trak, Inc. has also been giving back to the society. Community spirit and giving back are two key parts of the values taken on board in the company, which is why the team has recently been giving to community projects. The latest charity initiative from the team includes raising a massive $1,000 that was happily given to a team member from our Baltimore office to help with her cancer treatment.

The company treats all of its team members as family, and this has not only translated into fantastic community spirit, but also into business success, expansion and promotion. Fast Trak, Inc. is the perfect example of how sales, marketing and lead generation services must be provided by those who are willing to work hard and innovate.

About Fast Trak, Inc.

Fast Trak, Inc. provides energetic and dynamic lead generation and marketing services. They help companies advertise and promote their product lines by giving customers the chance to experience products before purchasing them. This method of direct promotion is utilized in a way that puts merchandise into the hands of as many customers as possible. The method far exceeds what can be achieved with traditional methods of sales and advertising. The method will provide companies with better brand awareness, and an opportunity to show customers how their products are superior.

The company also offers these services for clients in a vast range of industries, including the home improvement and product manufacturing industry. The company works with one of America’s leading home improvement brands, as well as a number of emerging clients. With such a diverse product portfolio, clients are assured that Fast Trak, Inc. provides personalized services with industry specifics taken into account.

The company also has a strong set of values that allow them to stand apart from the competition. Teamwork is valued, and every client is assigned a team that has been hand chosen to provide specific services when creating the promotional strategy. A team is decided based on their experiences and talents in different areas and industries, meaning that new and old clients alike will always be given the opportunity to provide effective campaigns. All in all, Fast Trak, Inc. is an effective lead generation and marketing company that helps customers make informed decisions before purchasing a product.

















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