I can’t remember any of my passwords and that’s perfectly fine

Paul Szoldra

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I can’t remember any of my passwords, and that’s totally fine.

About a month ago, my editor-in-chief Gus Lubin told me that he literally didn’t know any of his passwords since he was using a password management app. I was already using one myself, but only to remember the passwords I came up with on my own.

Now I have given in to the urge to let an app do all the work, and it has paid off in ease of use and peace of mind.

Here’s why you should too.

The two main apps most people use are 1Password and LastPass, which operate in similar ways. These act as giant security vaults, taking in all of the hundreds of passwords for the sites you visit so you don’t have to remember them. When you visit your bank’s website, for example, LastPass will automatically fill in the username and password for you.

And the only password you need to remember from then on is the master password for the app. Or if you have it on your iPhone, you just need to use your fingerprint.

That’s all great, but the best feature is these apps can generate and store insanely strong passwords for you. In a world where many people still use “password” and “12345” it’s not surprising the Dark Web is filled with stolen accounts from Spotify to Netflix to Paypal.

But it doesn’t really have to be that way.

Once installed, the app’s browser extension will detect password fields for you. So when you’re signing up for a new service (or changing your password), two clicks will get you a password with a large number of random characters, isn’t in the dictionary, and would take a couple hundred years to crack.

strong password lastpassLastPass
Think you can come up with a strong password like this one on your own? Nope, you can’t.

“The longer your passwords could possibly be,” Kurt Muhl, a white hat hacker with RedTeam Security, previously told Tech Insider. “The more guesses it’s gonna take for me to get it right.”

It also helps to have different passwords for every site you visit, since getting lucky with cracking a person’s email account might help a hacker get into their bank or elsewhere. But unless you have an encyclopedic memory, that’s probably not going to be feasible.

Which is why a password management app should be doing all the work.

I know what you’re thinking: But what if my password management app gets hacked?

There’s certainly a risk of that happening, and even LastPass suffered a breach in 2015. But even then, no passwords were at risk since the company’s encryption standards are so high. And even if a hacker got the master password, the two-step authorization text message is likely to stop them in their tracks.

Good passwords are annoyingly hard to remember and people are lazy, myself included. But instead of writing down your weak password on a sticky note, “write down” a much stronger one in a secure vault like LastPass or 1Password.

Then you won’t end up on a list of worst passwords or suffer a breach. And life will be good.

“I know the passwords it’ll generate will be way better than mine, but to me I like knowing what my passwords are off the top of my head,” Tech Editor Dave Smith told me on Wednesday.

Just let it go, Dave. Let it go.

Where in the world is Fast Trak Inc.?

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For Entrepreneurs Looking to Disrupt the Internet of Things Industry, Here is How to Ensure Customers Feel Safe Using Your Products

Gary Davis

Q: For entrepreneurs going into the Internet of Things, what do they need to worry about? How do they keep their product safe?

A: One of the biggest security challenges we will face over the next five years is how to secure the 50 billion devices coming online. Between the exponential growth of connected devices and the introduction of hyper-connectivity with 5G, the bad actors will have an unprecedented ability to leverage an extraordinarily large attack surface at previously unrealized speeds.

In the middle of 2014, HP published research that basically suggested that most IoT device manufacturers were foregoing any meaningful security and instead solving for time to market and convenience. In the report, they looked at the top 10 devices deployed in consumers’ homes and found that they had on average 25 vulnerabilities each. Most of those vulnerabilities were things that any security practitioner would address before taking the device to market such as not using encrypted communications, not requiring a password reset and not requiring a complex password, to name a few. I recall being on a panel at IoT conference last year where one of the panelists talked about a connected lightbulb that was broadcasting WiFi passwords in clear text so anyone who detected the lightbulb would be able to easily tunnel into any device connected to the WiFi.

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To build trust with the businesses and consumers who will be purchasing your IoT devices, I suggest you consider the following:

Build security in from the beginning.
Hire a cybersecurity expert or seek consultation to ensure you are building products that are secure before you take them to market. Your worst nightmare would be waking up one morning to find your IoT devices were shown to be easily hacked or have a serious exploitable vulnerability.

Take privacy seriously.
Don’t bury the privacy statement deep in a EULA and be sure to use simple language that clearly reflects what information you will collecting and what you will be doing with the data.

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Be transparent.
Only collect the data you need what you say you’re going to collect and only do with it what you say in your privacy statement.

Plan for the worst.
Even if you have built a secure IoT device and are adhering to your privacy statement, you still may find your device and company being the victim of an attack. You should build and practice a crisis communications plan should your company’s IoT device be a negative media headline.

Stay informed.
Security practices, architectures and solutions are constantly evolving especially as they relate to IoT. Stay informed of what’s going on the space and use the latest, best known methods and techniques.

Research was recently published saying that 45 percent of those surveyed said concerns over online privacy and security stopped them from using the Internet in very practical ways. I believe for the full potential of the Internet and IoT devices to be realized, we must demonstrate both can be properly secured and that we can protect the privacy of those who use them.

Fast Trak Inc Book Recommendation!

Here is our book recommendation of the week!

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This book focuses on the importance of interpersonal skills. The author of this book, Napoleon Hill, was a friend of Andrew Carnegie who was the world’s richest man at a point.   Hill filled the  book with advice he learned from Carnegie throughout the years. It focuses on building meaningful relationships and  practicing leadership that people can try immediately.


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