Let the Madness Begin!!




Here at Fast Trak we are beyond excited about the NCAA tournament this year! Five of our team members are alumni of schools in the tournament (Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, Georgetown, Maryland and Kentucky). The brackets have been made and we are ready for 12:15 when the first round of games begins! It’s time to dance! Who will you be routing for?!


Fiber optics link to SpaceX!!


The University of Texas has started making plans to connect fiber optics to the SpaceX rocket launch created by the infamous Elon Musk! Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, has been working on commercial space travel since 2002. SpaceX aims to create an affordable way to get to space, similar to commercial airlines. Fiber optics are being laid down to collect radio frequencies and help develop these commercial rockets! SpaceX hopes to make the concept of colonization on Mars possible since it is similar to Earth! The company plans to be sending non-astronauts into space within the next decade, will you be going galactic?!


The Next Step!




One of the top leaders here in our office, Craig Johnson, recently excelled in performing all qualifications needed to get promoted to Assistant Manager. During these past couple of weeks, Craig’s performance was everything but unnoticed. Fast Trak would like to congratulate Craig on all the hard work he has done and we are excited to see him excel in future accomplishments. Craig would like thank all the Fast Trak employees for his accomplishments!!



“No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.”

~ William Blake

Snowy Days At Fast Trak!


FullSizeRender (2)

Nothing motivates Fast Trak more than a snowy day! Today Alexandria was hit with a minor snow storm starting at 8:00 AM and continuing throughout the day. The snow fall created a motivational atmosphere here in the office. We even took a little break to have a brief snowball fight. Hope everyone enjoyed the snow as much as we did, bundle up and stay warm!

Fiber Optic expansion in Arlington!


On Saturday, February 21 2015, the Arlington county board voted to start selling fiber optic access to federal agencies, businesses, and organizations in the commercial areas. Arlington’s fiber optics were initially built with extra capacity to be sold for economic development. Since faster and stronger connections have become an important staple of doing business the county is expecting this to attract more businesses to the area. Roslyn-Ballston corridor, Glebe Road, Columbia Pike, and Crystal city are among the areas that will have access to the fiber optics.


Want to learn more about fiber optics? Check out Lightwave!

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