Fiber Optics cleaning up space?!


Junk is everywhere, the parks, oceans, forest, and even space!! When satellites in space crash into each other and break they leave rubble in outer space that can cause problems for the International Space Station (ISS). Luckily, a scientist in Japan has come up with the answer. Scientists from the Riken institution are converting a telescope into a fiber optic laser that will shoot and burn the junk orbiting in space. Fiber optics to the rescue yet again!! Happy Fiber Optic Friday everyone!!

World Book Day

It’s world book day and we are obviously excited!! Yesterday we got to celebrate the planets, and today we get to celebrate books! In honor of world book day we asked some of our employees for a book recommendation. Check out their recommendations below!




Samantha’s pick: The Tao Te Ching is a Chinese philosophy book that written around the 6th century B.C. by Lao Tzu. It has lots of different passages that are still relevant today, and it’s a quick and easy read (if you get the english translation!). A definite must read!!




Craig’s pick: How to Win Friend and Influence People is a pretty self explanatory title, and a great read! With over 15 million copies sold it continues to be a best seller since the 1930′s. Techniques in the book are great for the business world!



Jackie’s pick: Divergent is about a girl living in a futuristic world where people are forced to chose one faction of life to live in. Tris, the main character, quickly find that she is a divergent and doesn’t fit into any of the categories. In this action packed novel, Tris must learn try to conceal her status. For those of you that aren’t great readers, it has also recently been made into a movie!




Ramses’ pick: Making Money is a fantasy novel about a failing money system and the world of banking. It’s a follow up to the book Going Postal and if you loved the the first in the series, you’re sure to love this one!


Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day everyone!! Here at Fast Trak we are excited to be able to celebrate our favorite planet! In honor of Earth day we have 10 great tips to help you be more eco-friendly!

1.  Turn off electronics (like TVs and computers) at night and when your not home!

2. Hang your clothes dry!

3. Go vegetarian for a day! One pound of beef can use over 2,000 gallons of water to make!

4. Turn the water off while you brush your teeth!

5. Buy local! Transporting food creates a lot of pollution, and buying local will help businesses in your community!

6. Go to a car wash, they’re more efficient with water than doing it yourself!

7. Pay bills online and get electronic statements!

8.  Use rechargeable batteries!

9. Carpool to work!

10. Don’t preheat the oven! Unless you’re making bread or pastries it’s not necessary and will save energy!

It’s Fiber Optics Friday again!! Finally!


You’ve been waiting for it all week and it’s finally here, happy fiber optic Friday everyone! Here’s some things you probably didn’t know about fiber optics to kick off your weekend!

1. Fiber optics aren’t influenced by weather, wow! Since they carry light instead of electricity they are not affected by changes in temperature and weather patterns.

2. Having fiber optic services adds roughly $5,000 to the estimated price of a house. Since fiber optics aren’t readily available all over the country, they could help you gain some extra cash when you sell your house!

3. China requires all new housing developments to have fiber optic connections!

4. The military uses fiber optics in their harshest areas so that they get the most reliable communication

Fiber Optics Saving Lives??!

The head of robotic surgery at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Dr. David Samadi, is using fiber optics to save lives!! He uses the technology to get better accuracy when removing cancerous cells. According to Dr. Samadi nothing is quite as accurate as fiber optics. Fiber optics is saving the day once again! Watch the video below for more details about the incredible work being done in New York by Dr. Samadi!

Incredible Fiber-Optic Demonstration!

Ever wondered how light travels through fiber optics?! When light enters the core it continues to reflect off the mirror-like walls to create the wavelengths like the ones shown above. Depending on the angle the light is pointed, it will create thicker or thinner waves. Check out the incredible demonstration above!

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