Finally made a Pinterest!

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Fast Trak is proud to announce that we are finally on Pinterest! We’ve already pinned tons of links about fashion, food and design. Our new hobby has also led us to do some redecorating in the office! We have picked out new colors for painting and new decorations for the walls. The office has also been rearranged based on some of the pins we found. We will be posting photos soon, but in the meantime, check us out on pinterest!

Fiber optic expansion!!


In 2014, the amount of commercial buildings soared up to 43%!! This number is four times higher than it was ten years ago and does not seem to be slowing down. This includes company-owned and multi-tenant buildings, so the percentage of individual businesses using it is much higher!! Researchers estimated that a whopping 2 million business are currently using fiber optics! A recent survey showed that respondents saw fiber optic connection as a top competitive advantage. Do you have fiber optics yet?!

Around the world with Fiber Optics


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Fiber Optic Link Around the Globe also known as, FLAG, is about a 28 thousand kilometer long optical fiber. It is mostly of submarine communication cables. It connects through the United Kingdom all the way through Japan and many of the places in between. This cable is operated by something called Global Cloud Xchange. FLAG was considered the fourth longest cable in the world in 2008. FLAG also includes undersea cable segments as well as two terrestrial crossings.

Fiber optics creating artificial intelligence!!



Researchers at the Nanyang Technical University in Singapore may have made a breakthrough with artificial intelligence! Using fiber optics, they created what they are now calling ‘photonic synapses’. These are light-bearing amorphous metal-sulphide microfibers that function similar to the human brain.

Artificial intelligence has been a subject of controversy the past few years. While A.I. could provide major technological advances that would make everyday life easier, it also has the potential to steal jobs in many industries. Questions of the technology’s ethics have also been brought up.

In the meantime we continue using the advanced technology, such as Siri, to save time and do more. With fiber optic technology rapidly advancing, there’s no telling what is possible!!

Let the Madness Begin!!




Here at Fast Trak we are beyond excited about the NCAA tournament this year! Five of our team members are alumni of schools in the tournament (Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, Georgetown, Maryland and Kentucky). The brackets have been made and we are ready for 12:15 when the first round of games begins! It’s time to dance! Who will you be routing for?!


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