Just Moved!

Hello Fast Trak followers, Have you seen our new office off on Eisenhower Avenue yet?
Ramses Gavilando sure did choose a great location; it is so beautiful in a very elegant way.
We are still trying to figure out exactly how to decorate, I’m thinking a classy black and white theme, any of our amazing followers have any suggestions or ideas?

Top Notch Performance

The type of marketing and advertising that Fast Trak Inc provides is based on positive customer interaction. No internet shopping carts, pop up ads or other form of similar advertising is part of Fast Trak Inc’s portfolio. The campaigns use demonstrations and sample distribution to nail down the two main objectives their clients have:

To create more customer awareness of their merchandise

To effectively discuss product features and resulting benefits to the consumer

In effect, our well-trained representatives become brand ambassadors”enthusiastically promoting items at on-site events in heavily trafficked locations.

In order to achieve we put a high focus on team member training “ in every aspect of our business! says Fast Trak Inc.


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Fast Trak Inc. is Raking It In


Fast Trak Inc. just had their second best week EVER bringing in over $18,000 in revenue. The harder we work, the more we bring in. The more we bring in, the more money we make! We couldn’t have done it without Alec, Carol, Kaylan, and Greg. Their OUTSTANDING performance and strong leadership skills lead our team to victory!

Fast Trak Inc. is also anticipating a competitive and entertaining game of Paintball at the end of this month. We love competition so we also decided to have a spur of the moment team football match in the Fast Trak Inc. parking lot. We ended up with a tie but will have another game shortly to determine the true champions!

Fast Trak Inc. Welcomes Back Top Performers!


WELCOME BACK to Alec, TV, and Tom! They had such a productive business trip to New Jersey helping guide the North Jersey Market towards breaking the performance record for their ENTIRE region.

Mike, Ben, and Kaylan are back from the 2014 Top Gun Conference in Dallas, Texas. They networked with the best of the best and made a great impression across the board representing Fast Trak Inc.

While some Fast Trak Inc. Superstars return from successful events, we are sending off Carol, Aramis and Kaylan to Atlanta for a two week trip improving client relationships and strengthening our team.


Fast Trak is also traveling to Chicago for a CEO conference and California for some well-deserved R & R. We can’t forget what we are MOST excited about and that is our trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica in the Fall for a company wide R & R Retreat. Team bonding and light training for two days on sandy beaches will be SUCH a blast!


Achievements Galore at Fast Trak, Inc.

Businessman Circling Success

Fast Trak, Inc. has been celebrating the last couple of weeks, thanks to some fantastic achievements. The departments within our sales, marketing and lead generation company have an air of friendly competition between them, and different teams that cater for different industries are always ensuring that they keep up.

This summer, the number one division within the company is the home improvement division. Our home improvement division is currently working with some of the biggest American home improvement brands, as well as a number of emerging brands. Recently, the home improvement team announced that they had achieved an incredible 188 leads in just one week. These leads alone brought in more than $20,000 in revenue for those five days. This is an incredible accomplishment, and we in the management are very proud to read of the success of this team.

Not only that, we’ve also had a promotion recently. Hard-working team member Alex Gheesling has been recognized for his creativity and integrity in his work, and is now being promoted to team leader. Under his new role, Alex will be able to express his abilities and use his people skills to become a fantastic motivator and team leader.

In his new role, Alex will now be in charge of campaign trainers and sales and marketing representatives, and will also be managing between three to five home improvement store promotion campaigns. He’ll also be involved with and conducting second round interviews, running meetings every day and attending national leadership conferences to ensure that we keep up to date on the best leadership skills. Congratulations, Alex and our entire team for this summer’s accomplishments!

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