Things a Leader Should Never Do


Great leadership can be the difference between a company being the top industry leader, and failing. Several employees who used to work under Steve Jobs will comment on how he was able to do things they never thought were possible. Below we have listed five things leaders should never do if they want their companies to succeed!

1. Have too much pride: Success has a way of inflating even the best leaders’ egos. It is important to stay grounded. Success can create a false sense of security and will quickly lead you to your downfall if you get too comfortable.

2. Listen to negative influences: People are quick to give advice so be sure to filter the advice you actually take. Listen to advice of people you admire and who are doing well, tune out the others.

3. Trust Blindly: Keep people on short leashes until they are able to prove themselves. This is not to say you need to micro-manage, but give them a task to prove their skills before you give them work that could have a big effect on the company!

4. Focus on the Short term: Business is a marathon, not a sprint. Be sure to treat it that way. Focusing on the next quarter, instead of the next year, can harm your business.

5. Blame others when things go wrong: The best leaders look in the mirror when mistakes happen. As a leader, you are responsible for the culture and success of the team, so take accountability.

Fast Trak in Dallas!



Some of our top leaders were chosen to attend the Top Gun meeting in Dallas, TX. on February 6-8, 2015.  Top Gun is a quarterly conference that brings together the top leaders from across the country. We had the opportunity to network with some of the best people in our industry, listen to some incredible speakers, and now we’re ready to implement what we’ve learned. We have already put some new things in place and we are excited to continue growing and expanding!


Fast Trak Goes Big!

Here at Fast Trak Inc, we believe you need to go big or go home. Fast Trak prides itself on quality work. Fast Trak Inc expect quality work from upper and lower management. Fast Trak Inc will continue to network and grow with the best. Fast Trak Inc believes in the thought that you should network up. To Fast Trak Inc this means that you should only network with those who are better than yourself. Fast Trak enjoys this valuable networking time. Fast Trak Inc will continue this method of growth.

Fast Trak on Business Trips!

Fast Trak Inc is currently on a road trip to New Jersey. Only the top leaders at Fast Trak were chosen to go on this business trip.
Fast Trak Inc is going through an expansion so it is very important that Fast Trak management and Fast Trak Inc team leaders be trained properly.

Fast Trak Inc has always valued business trips because it is a time when Fast Trak team members can learn more from others in different parts of the country whom also work in the same industry.

Fast Trak has also been told from other businesses that people enjoy learning from the Fast Trak Inc team as well.

Fast Trak believes that networking has been the key to success in the Fast Trak Inc office.

There is so much to be learned and no one person has the answers to everything in this world.

The Fast Trak team wishes all managers and team leaders a safe and successful trip!

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It has been a long time coming and Fast Trak is very exciting about this new release.  Fast Trak employees helped in the creation of the Fast Trak Tumblr.


Fast Trak Inc now has a Tumblr!  Fast Trak has been stepping up its social media game during expansion.  Fast Trak is very excited about these new changes and looks forward to all of the growth Fast Trak Inc will be facing in the coming year.  For more Fast Trak Inc news please check out Fast Trak Inc on Instagram, Fast Trak on Facebook, and Fast Trak on Twitter.  Fast Trak wishes all the best to fellow innovators!


Fast Trak promotes the success and happiness of others in the Fast Trak Inc office.  Fast Trak enjoys all of the work it is involved in and Fast Trak Inc looks forwards to all that the future has to offer!

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