Fast Trak’s Book Recommendation!


Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s getting close to the weekend so we have a great book recommendation for you to read this weekend! The Effective Executive, by Peter Drucker, is a great read for anyone looking to achieve more and encourage employees. Though there is no definitive way to increase the effectiveness of a leader, this book suggests that it can be learned. One of the first principals he focuses on is time management. Time is the only resource that we cannot get more of. Drucker argues that most executives aren’t managing their time well and offers several suggestions of how to fix this. Drucker also offers suggestions on how to improve the performance of employees, outperform competition and what types of tasks we should be focusing on.

Things a Leader Should Never Do


Great leadership can be the difference between a company being the top industry leader, and failing. Several employees who used to work under Steve Jobs will comment on how he was able to do things they never thought were possible. Below we have listed five things leaders should never do if they want their companies to succeed!

1. Have too much pride: Success has a way of inflating even the best leaders’ egos. It is important to stay grounded. Success can create a false sense of security and will quickly lead you to your downfall if you get too comfortable.

2. Listen to negative influences: People are quick to give advice so be sure to filter the advice you actually take. Listen to advice of people you admire and who are doing well, tune out the others.

3. Trust Blindly: Keep people on short leashes until they are able to prove themselves. This is not to say you need to micro-manage, but give them a task to prove their skills before you give them work that could have a big effect on the company!

4. Focus on the Short term: Business is a marathon, not a sprint. Be sure to treat it that way. Focusing on the next quarter, instead of the next year, can harm your business.

5. Blame others when things go wrong: The best leaders look in the mirror when mistakes happen. As a leader, you are responsible for the culture and success of the team, so take accountability.

How to Motivate Employees!

Businessman Midair in a Business Meeting

Most business owners know it can be hard to keep employees motivated. When bonuses and raises aren’t cutting it what should you do? People often assume money alone will keep their employees happy and on track, but there’s a lot more to it.

It is important that employees are able to see the product of their work. Even a glimpse of their work helps encourage employees. Studies have shown that employees who are able to see the fruits of their labor are likely to do about 30% more work. It is also important to give employees praise! Acknowledge all the work they have been doing! It’s easy to do and can make a big difference! Another great way to keep employees engaged at work is to give them more difficult tasks. People feel more pride after completing a difficult task.

Meaningful work can also be a powerful motivation. When people know their work is meaningful (I.E. raising money for charity), they are more likely to work harder. Having positive images around the office will enhance this effect. Even pictures of kittens have been proven to increase work performance!!


Fast Trak Book Recommendation!

Happy Fiber Optic Friday everyone! Many brilliant people like Will Hicks, John Tyndall, and Alexander Graham Bell have helped in the creation of fiber optics, leading us to wonder how they were so successful? What is it that separates them from other scientists?


The book Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcom Gladwell, aims to answer questions about what sets apart the most successful people in society. Although many people like to attribute success to intelligence, it goes much deeper than that!! Gladwell brings attention to backgrounds of successful people and offers a new perspective on how they were able to achieve such great things! He explains what it takes to be a great soccer player, programmer, and even how the Beatles became such a hit!! While you’re enjoying your weekend in the sun, bring along Outliers and explore the many factors that lead people to do extraordinary things!

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