Fiber optic expansion!!


In 2014, the amount of commercial buildings soared up to 43%!! This number is four times higher than it was ten years ago and does not seem to be slowing down. This includes company-owned and multi-tenant buildings, so the percentage of individual businesses using it is much higher!! Researchers estimated that a whopping 2 million business are currently using fiber optics! A recent survey showed that respondents saw fiber optic connection as a top competitive advantage. Do you have fiber optics yet?!

Fiber optics link to SpaceX!!


The University of Texas has started making plans to connect fiber optics to the SpaceX rocket launch created by the infamous Elon Musk! Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, has been working on commercial space travel since 2002. SpaceX aims to create an affordable way to get to space, similar to commercial airlines. Fiber optics are being laid down to collect radio frequencies and help develop these commercial rockets! SpaceX hopes to make the concept of colonization on Mars possible since it is similar to Earth! The company plans to be sending non-astronauts into space within the next decade, will you be going galactic?!


The Next Step!




One of the top leaders here in our office, Craig Johnson, recently excelled in performing all qualifications needed to get promoted to Assistant Manager. During these past couple of weeks, Craig’s performance was everything but unnoticed. Fast Trak would like to congratulate Craig on all the hard work he has done and we are excited to see him excel in future accomplishments. Craig would like thank all the Fast Trak employees for his accomplishments!!



“No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings.”

~ William Blake

Fast Trak in Dallas!



Some of our top leaders were chosen to attend the Top Gun meeting in Dallas, TX. on February 6-8, 2015.  Top Gun is a quarterly conference that brings together the top leaders from across the country. We had the opportunity to network with some of the best people in our industry, listen to some incredible speakers, and now we’re ready to implement what we’ve learned. We have already put some new things in place and we are excited to continue growing and expanding!


Fiber Optics


In the past few years the popularity of Fiber-optic communications networks have been expanding rapidly. Fiber-optics use smaller cables to transmit data faster and further. The conductor is made of glass so it is immune to many types of interferences that can cause signal loss. The fiber-optics are also easier to maintain, making the prices lower for the customer.

As more fiber-optics lines are being put down companies need to also get the word out about the services. That’s where we come in. Fast Trak Inc. handles the marketing and promotion of Fiber-optics. We create campaigns for customer acquisition and product awareness. By paying close attention to market conditions we are able to help our clients.



Fiber Optics vs. Copper Cable Info

  • Fiber Optics are made of Silica Glass surrounded by a “Vulcanized” Rubber jacket for durability. “Vulcanized” Rubber is what car tires are made of – it does not freeze and contracts and expands very little due to heat. (This is becoming a huge use for recycled tired, and what we use to coat fiber optics.)
  • Fiber Optics change information by shooting a laser through it Silica Glass. This makes them free of any electromagnetic interference.
  • Fiber Optics are buried 6 feet underground, as oppose to most copper cables which are only about 4 feet, and thus much more susceptible to expanding and contracting.
  • Some Fiber optics (about 10-15% ) are aerial cables, however they are much more durable, due to their “Vulcanized”  Rubber coating.
  • Most Copper Cables are coated with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which is the same plastic the pipes in your house are made out of. No problem for your pipes, because they are at room temperature. Copper Cables in the ground however, are not and this coating cracks and breaks very easily.
  • Other networks use Coaxial Copper Cables from your dish to your house coated in the same PVC. If you have ever the large spool of extra wire under your dish, it is for the expanding and contracting throughout the year. The only Coaxial Copper Cables Fiber Optics use are inside your house to your Set Top Boxes and not susceptible to the above problems due to it being inside..
  • No matter what the other networks tell you, their service doe go out in sever weather occasionally. Usually that is when consumers would need to see the news most. Also, if wind is strong enough to change the angle of your dish, it will not work and require service.
  • The network that previously held its contract for the Football Sunday Ticket, lost its contract due to a possible buyout from other networks.
  • Fiber Optics bundles all 3 (telephone, internet, and TV) all into one company. This greatly improves security and simplicity.
  • The only limitation to Fiber Optic internet speeds are what you choose to pay for. The network is set so everyone on a block could run a business out of their house if needed. If you decide you want even faster internet, simply call our network. They will come install a new router to get the speed you need, its that easy.

 Want to learn more? Check out LightWave for news and information about fiber optics!