Giving Back Fast Trak, Inc. Style


This summer, a tremendous effort from our team has resulted in a massive $1,000 being raised  for cancer treatment for one of our representatives from the Baltimore office. This kind of  teamwork and kindness is what has become expected in our Fast Trak, Inc. offices, and we’re  proud to be able to do what we can for the community and fellow team members.

If you are inspired to encourage your business to give back as well, then we’ve got several ideas  to help guide you on your quest to help people. The first thing you and your business colleagues  need to do is establish a cause that you believe in. Perhaps you will want to choose a local cause, or perhaps a cause that affects a fellow team member. For Fast Trak, Inc. this has meant  involvement in the fight against cancer following the diagnosis of one of our colleagues with the  disease.

The next thing to do is decide how much you can afford to give, or in fact, if you have time free  that you can use to volunteer for a cause. If you and your team can set aside some of your time to help out a local cause, then often that can be just as valuable as providing them with money.

Following that, you could organize something at work that involves everybody. Perhaps a bake  sale would be a good idea, or a collection of unwanted clothes and goods for a local goodwill charity. There are so many things you can do as a team, as an individual and as colleagues for your local community. Be sure to use your local notoriety as a tool to help the community around you!

Fast Trak Inc.’s Best Teamwork Tips


Here at Fast Trak Inc., we owe our success to our amazing teams. We work on the basis that teams work best when they get on well with one another, and for that reason, we pick and choose exactly who is right to work with another person. By ensuring that teams are friendly as well as professional, we can create productivity and foster an atmosphere of innovation.

If you’re looking to improve teamwork or team spirit, then we have some tips for you.

Our first piece of advice would be to ensure that individuals do not get drowned out or lost in a shuffle. A team is a collaborative effort, but you simply cannot ignore the input of individuals. A team works best together when individual talents are used to ensure that a common goal is achieved. Do this, and you’ll be able to foster an atmosphere of creativity and productivity. Members need to be rewarded when they have performed well, and helped when they are not. Ensure that their talents are being used and you’re bound to succeed.

Our second piece of advice would be to let every team member to take part and become an integral part of the team. Success relies on morale, and if team members feel like they are not being heard, then morale can drop. For this reason, you need to ensure that you only choose team members that work well together. The second step is to ensure that team meetings work well, and take action if they do not.

Our final piece of advice is to keep the balance of work equal. One or two team members should not be doing all the work. The work should be split equally between all members of the team to ensure maximum productivity.

The Fast Trak Inc. Story of the Week: Coming from Nothing, This Chinese Real Estate Guru is Richer than Oprah


You are probably aware that our culture at Fast Trak Inc. includes the view that everybody can succeed with the right level of motivation and an effective team. We recently came across a story about a businesswoman from China who came from literally nothing, and is now richer than Oprah. We believe this incredible tale is evidence that our view is absolutely right.

Zhang Xin is a businesswoman from Beijing who came from the absolute depths of poverty, and ended up working in a laboring job when she was 14. Now, not only is she richer than Oprah Winfrey, she is also richer than Steven Spielberg and Donald Trump.

Xin, a property magnate, is now responsible for most of the change in the urban landscape of China. Her company, SOHO China, is now on the side of most buildings you see when walking through Beijing. Not only that, but SOHO China has 18 property developments across Beijing, which mostly include landmark buildings. The company is now expanding to Shanghai where a further 11 buildings are being developed.

With this in mind, we believe that anybody can achieve their dreams. What is stopping anybody from becoming so successful? It’s not always down to capital, and it’s not always down to what you have. It’s simply down to your drive to succeed. As they always say, where there is a will, there is a way! If you have a dream, and you are driven to succeed, it’s important to do what you can to achieve it. You may just end up as successful as Zhang Xin.

PRESS RELEASE: An Eventful Summer and Promoted Team Members at Fast Trak Inc.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul. 24, 2013 – FALLS CHURCH, Va. — One recent achievement was the invitation of two team members from Fast Trak Inc. to attend the quarterly Top Leaders’ Meeting in Dallas, Texas. With a strict invitation-only policy in place, lucky leaders get the chance to develop their skills and strengths, with particular attention on how to improve the weak links within a company. The conference involves a full day of uplifting guest speakers; entrepreneurs who steer the conversation and introduces activities that encourage networking and finding an active way to solve problems.

Greg Green and Alec Holloway were chosen as Fast Trak Inc.’s delegates for the latest event. Speaking about the convention, the company’s owner Ramses Gavilondo said, “Greg and Alec were natural choices to attend the latest Top Leaders’ meeting. They have shown time and again how they are born to lead, and their efforts in our extensive training program allowed their potential to shine through. Over time, we envisage great things for their careers, and hope that their newfound knowledge and energetic style will benefit our business’ growth.”

Promotions at Fast Trak Inc. Lead to Sales Increase


At Fast Trak Inc., we believe that everybody has their own specific talent, and that in business these talents should be used. For this reason, we regularly promote people to positions that fit their abilities, and ensure that all teams working within our company work well together and are effective in their role.

Recently, Fast Trak Inc. has been reporting even better sales figures than usual, bringing in much more cash and many more leads, and we owe this to making use of our talented team members. Companies that do not promote staff as often or use the talents of individuals will soon learn that this is the key to success.

In the week ending in June 15th, we announced 164 leads and $11k in revenue. The week ending in June 22nd resulted in another 165 leads with $11.5k in revenue, and the week ending in June 29th gave us an incredibly 189 leads with $14k in revenue. The really incredible result, however, was the week ending in July 6th. This week gave us more than 200 leads, and a massive $16k in revenue.

We owe this to our dedicated team and professionals. Joshua Klenner is one of our team members who is about to be promoted to team leader, and we are sure that his experience and knowledge will help continue to push the company forwards.

Roles that we have recently been updating include the position of Account Manager. Our new assistant manager is Trevor Mattingly, who oversees and manages campaign trainers and sales and marketing representatives. We have also promoted people to assistant manager levels in different areas of the business and believe their impact on public relations has helped us increase our reach.

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