Fast Trak Inc Book Recommendation!

Here is our book recommendation of the week!

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This book focuses on the importance of interpersonal skills. The author of this book, Napoleon Hill, was a friend of Andrew Carnegie who was the world’s richest man at a point.   Hill filled the  book with advice he learned from Carnegie throughout the years. It focuses on building meaningful relationships and  practicing leadership that people can try immediately.





Fiber Optics Applications Expansion in the Oil and Gas Industry!!


fiber optics

Happy Fiber Optic Friday everyone!!

Fiber Optics have been used in the oil and gas industry since the 1990’s to help with digital temperature sensing. Now another type of fiber optic sensor, the distributed accounting sensor (DAS), has been gaining popularity and is going to add value to the fiber optic sensors currently used to monitor wells, oil and gas pipelines, and reservoirs. These sensors will help with pipeline leak detection.

They have been working to fully develop this since 2007 and it is now starting to take off!! The sensing technology includes pressure and temperature gauges, distributed temperature sensing, array temperature sensing, flow measurement and seismic sensors. Since fiber optics are immune to electromagnetic interference, these monitors are a lot more accurate. The fiber optics are able to act as the sensing method and the transmission medium!! Another advantage to fiber optics is that they are able to be used at high temperatures and in high pressure environments.

Though the declining gas prices may cause a problem for funding, researchers believe that they will not affect their research of fiber optics and the technology of the DAS will continue on. Want to continue the fiber optic Friday fun?! Read more on Rigzone!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


It’s Cinco De Mayo and everyone here at Fast Trak is excited to celebrate! In honor of Cinco de Mayo we composed a list of fun facts about Mexico to kick off you celebration!

1. Mexico’s official name is the “United Mexican States”

2. Mexico has 68 official languages

3. Artists in Mexico can pay their taxes with artwork

4. The world’s largest pyramid is in Mexico, not Egypt!

5. The Aztecs sacrificed 1% of their population every year (250,000 people).

6. Mexican’s 34th president quit in less than one hour

7.  Yucatan, Mexico was named on accident. The Spaniard’s asked the locals what is was called and they said “Yucatan” which meant “I don’t understand you” in their native language.

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