Fiber Optic Fun Facts

Happy Fiber Optic Friday! Feast your eyes on these five fun facts!


1. Fiber optic fibers use light. If you didn’t know that by now, welcome to the party! On a more serious note, because fiber optic cables emit less heat than electric ones, there’s less chance of a fire in buildings that use fiber optics. Home electric fires are also, sadly, incredibly common, especially these days when entire houses are plugged in and running lights, TVs, kitchen appliances and everything else under the sun! Electric cables can be rendered useless if even a portion of the cable overheats and melts. The signal is disrupted and the energy can’t be used. It’s garbage…dangerous garbage! Not so with fiber optics!

2. Fiber optic fibers are thinner than ever! Yes, it seems even science and technology adhere to New Year Resolutions with the same determination as any of us. And thinner and sleeker means faster and better. Fiber optic cables are thinner than a human hair! Unlike bulky and limited copper wires, data that’s transmitted through lightweight and flexible material can move faster and more fibers can fit into one insulator pipes. That means more data for less cost for both the company and the customer!

3. Fiber optic fibers are incredibly lightweight. How lightweight, you ask? NASA uses fiber optic wiring and cables on their shuttles and rockets to decrease payload and therefore cost of fuel to launch a heavier, metal-wired electrical wiring. Better, stronger, faster, higher! in to Mars higher. Another benefit of lightweight materials like fiber optics is the laborers who install and transport the wiring are at a reduced risk of injury. That means a company does not have to worry about additional padded charges from insurance companies that are looking to make a buck on claims of strain from moving heavy objects and the liability therein. The cost of those claims then trickle down to the consumer! You’re already paying for your own insurance: thanks to widespread fiber optic use, you don’t have to pay for anyone else!

4. Fiber optic fibers love the planet. While not sentient, fiber optic technology is one of the “greenest” out there. It takes a lot more energy to send a sustained electric signal across a plane than it does a single flash of light. In this day and age where consumption has to be kept to a minimum, lower energy output and consumption means a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

5. Fiber optic fibers shake it off, shake it off! Because fiber optic cables don’t transmit electricity but rather light, they don’t degrade over time like wire cables. They’re not affected by water, wind, ice, or extreme heat! They’re not immune to damage, but they can take a lot more abuse. They’ll take what you can throw at them and do it for longer, again incurring less cost on the company and the consumer.

At the end of the day, fiber optics are amazing!

The Climb Up Mt. Disappointment

Everybody knows that the path to success isn’t all daisies and sunshine. It’s a challenge! It’s a trial by fire and the rules are always changing. Achieving success is a mountain you have to climb, and if you’re a novice, that often means a lot of disappointment along the way.

Enter Mt. Disappointment, L.A., California.

View from Mt. Disappointment

View from Mt. Disappointment

Honestly! There is a mountain in California named Mt. Disappointment, so-called because when the land surveyors in 1875 climbed what they thought was the highest peak in the L.A. Basin, they realized upon reaching the summit that there was in fact a higher mountain just to the south. The surveyors then had to pack all of their equipment, descend the mountain that had just climbed and then ascend an even higher mountain. Whether it was in jest or they were that frustrated, the first mountain was named Mt. Disappointment.

However, the mountain hasn’t gone to waste. Since its naming, the peak was flattened and in the 1950’s it was used for a Nike missile base. There is also now a service road that connects Mt. Disappointment and its rival, San Gabriel, for avid hikers. The loop is famed for being difficult, but incredibly scenic. Those who are up to the challenge of reaching San Gabriel’s peak are rewarded with views of Mt. Baldy (yes, Mt. Baldy), the L.A. Basin, Strawberry Peak, the San Fernando Valley and the Hollywood Hills.

Mt. Disappointment is certainly more functional than fun, but it’s purpose has been served. Without that initial, albeit anti-climactic ascent, the surveyors wouldn’t have discovered the more impressive opportunities afforded by San Gabriel. Sure it was disappointing, yes it was frustrating, but it wasn’t a waste of time to climb Mt. Disappointment. The surveyors were where everyone who has been a beginning entrepreneur or a start-up business have been. To find the next bigger and better success, you have to overcome some serious disappointments. But each disappointment gets you closer and closer to your next achievement.

How to Use New Year’s Resolutions to Enhance your Business


The clock is ticking and the ball is about to drop, but don’t drop the ball when it comes to your business! This is the perfect time to reevaluate your business and think about how to help your business improve in 2016. The first few weeks are critical when it comes to implementing new systems to improve communication, increase accountability and set new goals to help you and your business rise above the ashes and come back stronger than ever!

While you might be setting new fitness goals (who doesn’t want to shed a couple pounds or get a little healthier?) on your personal time, don’t forget to set goals at work either. But studies have found that a majority of goals are not reached or simply failed within the first month of the new year. Why? We have a habit of setting unattainable goals for ourselves and we lose motivation. The enthusiasm fails and we crash and burn like a dying firecracker. Don’t fall into the trap of setting too many lofty goals at once.  Instead, set a few short term goals that can be reached easily in the first few weeks. Then, reward yourself and your office for reaching that goal! Continue setting goals that are increasingly long term and rewarding success. Maintaining that momentum will make goals seem less arduous and more attainable.

Nip things in the bud. Resolve problems that you encountered in the last year and figure out a strategy to avoid those mistakes again. When you take time to review the previous year (as much as you may want to run full tilt into 2016), you give yourself an opportunity to analyze what you did that worked, what failed, and what has yet to be accomplished. Take a hard look at your budget, as well, and reevaluate where your priorities lie. If you wan to grow, sometimes you have to cut back here and there. But in the long run, you’ll benefit. Go into the new year with goals, not regrets!

The last thing you have to consider is your professional relationships with clients. Don’t let “old acquaintances be forgot,” and fall by the wayside. Take time this new year to get back in touch with old clients and reestablish those relationships. Update them on your progress. Let them know what exciting new plans your company has for the new year. Make them feel remembered and wanted. At the same time, revamp your social networking and pare down to a few vital and manageable tools. If you use a dozen different resources but are wasting time and money to keep up, scale down to five or six outlets. And while you’re at it, update your website! Make it stand out and make your presence known!

Set the bar high this new year. If you set attainable goals, focus on improving, and stay connected and modern, you’re sure to have a year to remember.

From all of us at Fast Trak Inc, Happy New Year!

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