Happy Cinco De Mayo!


It’s Cinco De Mayo and everyone here at Fast Trak is excited to celebrate! In honor of Cinco de Mayo we composed a list of fun facts about Mexico to kick off you celebration!

1. Mexico’s official name is the “United Mexican States”

2. Mexico has 68 official languages

3. Artists in Mexico can pay their taxes with artwork

4. The world’s largest pyramid is in Mexico, not Egypt!

5. The Aztecs sacrificed 1% of their population every year (250,000 people).

6. Mexican’s 34th president quit in less than one hour

7.  Yucatan, Mexico was named on accident. The Spaniard’s asked the locals what is was called and they said “Yucatan” which meant “I don’t understand you” in their native language.

Fiber Optics is at it again!!

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 3.32.57 PM

Fiber optics is helping with yet another technological advance. Anyone who has ever seen a 3D printer knows that it could take hours to print something as simple as a phone case, but a new advance using fiber optics is looking to change that. Cole Nielsen, founder of Orbital Composites, came up with new 3D printing technology that he thinks will revolutionize the industry! Nielsen says his new printing process will print 100X faster!! There are three different designs to help expedite the process and increase the quality of the items being printed. Seriously, is there anything fiber optics can’t do?! We doubt it.

Fiber Optics cleaning up space?!


Junk is everywhere, the parks, oceans, forest, and even space!! When satellites in space crash into each other and break they leave rubble in outer space that can cause problems for the International Space Station (ISS). Luckily, a scientist in Japan has come up with the answer. Scientists from the Riken institution are converting a telescope into a fiber optic laser that will shoot and burn the junk orbiting in space. Fiber optics to the rescue yet again!! Happy Fiber Optic Friday everyone!!

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