Last Weeks High Roller:

Drum Roll please….
Congrats Curlee! He won last weeks high roller and killed the game!
We interviewed him and asked him a few questions about his life here at Fast Trak; here’s what we got:
What did you do differently last week?
I focused on the person that I was talking to and the task at hand. I had no distractions.
What motivates you to keep going everyday?
I have my eye on the prize! I want to get promoted to management and take care of my family.
What’s your favorite part about working here?
Challenge Fridays! I love competition and I always want to win!


There’s a new HEAD ADMIN in our office! Congratulations to Nina Ildari on her big promotion! We pulled her aside and asked a few questions 🙂


1. Nina, what do you like most about working at Fast Trak?

Everyone that I work with! Everyone here is so friendly and made me feel so comfortable, so quickly.


2. What did you do in order to be promoted?

I understood the bigger picture and my goal in this career, so I came into work every day focused and determined to hit my goal with a certain timeline in mind.


3. What is your goal in this career?

To open up my own office! I will not stop until I get there!



Great work Nina, keep it up!
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