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We are all born savages. Our bodies adapt to so many different environments- when it is is injured, it finds a way to keep our major organs alive longer. When we are hot, it finds a way to cool us down as much as possible. When it is cold, it finds a way to keep our major organs functioning. I can give so many examples of how our bodies are made to go the distance. The problem is while our bodies are built to go the distance, our minds are not conditioned to do the same. A lot of us take ourselves out of harsh environments, both physically and mentally. When we do that, our innate savage mentality starts to become brittle. The second we feel discomfort of any kind, our minds go straight to “what’s the best way out of this?” vs a savage mindset which asks “how do I get through this?” I am not saying there aren’t times when quitting is necessary and the right choice. This isn’t about killing or injuring yourself but is about is quitting way too early. Maybe you are in a race going for a certain time and you realize you aren’t on pace to hit that time. That can be enough to deflate someone. Maybe you have some stomach issues. Maybe your legs are tired. Maybe you have failed a test in school several times. The brittle mind takes true advantage of you when you don’t know why the hell you are doing something. If you aren’t doing something for the right reasons, no matter how hard you are, the savage mindset can not kick in. It won’t find a way through when you believe you have nothing left. It senses the lack of commitment to this mission. Life isn’t about putting a cap on yourself. I train everyday with a watch that clocks my time, distance and pace. Before the start of Leadville, I went to Walmart and bought a $15 watch because pace and place in the race didn’t matter. You don’t know who you are until things get hard. Neither time nor place in the race has any bearing when your main focus is callousing your mind. A savage mindset is a conditioned mindset that knows quitting is not part of the plan. It knows that it has to find a way around any and all obstacles to complete the mission. Stay hard!

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