An Eventful Summer and Promoted Team Members at Fast Trak Inc.
FALLS CHURCH, VA – Fast Trak Inc., a Virginia-based company that specializes in marketing and promotions direct to consumers, has announced a series of events that will mean a jam-packed summer for team members.

Fast Trak Inc
Fast Trak Inc
One recent achievement was the invitation of two team members from Fast Trak Inc. to attend the quarterly Top Leaders’ Meeting in Dallas, Texas. With a strict invitation-only policy in place, lucky leaders get the chance to develop their skills and strengths, with particular attention on how to improve the weak links within a company. The conference involves a full day of uplifting guest speakers; entrepreneurs who steer the conversation and introduces activities that encourage networking and finding an active way to solve problems.

Greg Green and Alec Holloway were chosen as Fast Trak Inc.’s delegates for the latest event. Speaking about the convention, the company’s owner Ramses Gavilondo said, “Greg and Alec were natural choices to attend the latest Top Leaders’ meeting. They have shown time and again how they are born to lead, and their efforts in our extensive training program allowed their potential to shine through. Over time, we envisage great things for their careers, and hope that their newfound knowledge and energetic style will benefit our business’ growth.”

In other news, an upcoming road trip to Long Island in New York will allow Fast Trak Inc.’s growing team of representatives to learn what it’s like to operate in other markets. The event is also seen as a way to demonstrate that the company’s team members have what it takes to endorse clients in unfamiliar territories. Five members of the team are going to be attending the weeklong event and they are, Bobby West, Alex Holloway, Greg Green, Karl Sussan and Alex Gheesling.

Fast Trak Inc.’s management added, “There comes a time when we will be reaching market saturation for our clients in the current areas we work in. However, we want to set our sights further, and use our tried-and-tested methods for marketing and promotions in new areas. Given the appetite we’re seeing from consumers for the products we endorse in high footfall areas, it’s an expansion that we believe will go far.”

Two new promotions have also been made. Joshua Klenner has been designated as a new team leader for Fast Trak Inc., and his responsibilities will include ensuring that all representatives are fully knowledgeable about the products they endorse. Other responsibilities will include attending conferences, and helping people to learn how to oversee stores that the business runs on behalf of clients.

Meanwhile, Trevor Mattingly is to become assistant manager, a role that will see his focus honed on financial matters. Mattingly, a talented Fast Trak Inc. team member, will handle profit and loss statements, payrolls, financial calls, in addition to human resources and PR.

Consumers Becoming More Concerned about What Retailers Know about Their Shopping Habits

There has been considerable furor surrounding the extent to which the NSA has been monitoring the personal information of the public, which could include email and phone calls. Similarly, the concern has also grown in retailers, with some of the bigger brands apparently now able to tell if a customer is pregnant. Many people think that they are shopping anonymously, but the loyalty card schemes that many Americans sign up for mean that they are trading their privacy for bargains.

The same applies with credit card transactions, perhaps in a grocery store or online. Many supermarkets are now able to target advertising based on the products that people buy the most, and can even predict when a person is next likeliest to shop with them.

Although many people were happy to reveal a little about themselves in order to secure a better deal, the tide is now changing. That’s where services from Fast Trak Inc. come into play. The business offers a personalized service, without intrusion into privacy. The public can enjoy frank and honest conversations about the products on offer, without the need for a business to know the ins and outs of their personal income, address, shopping habits, and lifestyle choices. In essence, it means the shopping experience is pared back to promoting products without being intrusive.

Ramses Gavilondo, the owner of Fast Trak Inc. added, “Customers love being the center of attention in high footfall areas. However, they want to be treated as people, not as numbers. As such, all of our representatives make an effort to build a relationship that focuses on trust and ensuring they feel good about themselves. Everyone is able to benefit from low, introductory prices without having to sign their lives away on a privacy policy. Overall, this means everybody can benefit from the way that we perform marketing and promotions. We’re helping clients to make their promotional efforts ethical again, delivering great results and reaching out to the public without bothering their daily lives. After all, as we target high footfall areas where people spend their disposable income, we’re a welcome addition into the retail therapy experience.”

About Fast Trak Inc.

Fast Trak Inc. is a marketing and promotions company based in Virginia. The lead generation services provided by the business ensure clients get to reach new customers in memorable, exciting, and long-lasting ways. With a firm belief that in-person marketing and promotions makes a person likelier to buy a product, the end result for the businesses we serve ensures that meaningful relationships are made. We take the guesswork out of making purchases for customers, as they are able to see, feel and touch the products for themselves.

Our company collaborates with some of the leading brands in the home improvement industry. Some of the key areas we specialize in include market research for home transformation; home makeovers and home improvement lead generation, not to mention DIY goods and specialist services. The home is one of the most important things that anyone can have, and so Fast Trak Inc. believes it’s an honor to give people the chance to make their property a more pleasant place to live. Purchasing goods and services for the home shouldn’t be done with haste, and that’s why we want to help people make informed decisions.


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