Fast Trak Inc. Welcomes Back Top Performers!

WELCOME BACK to Alec, TV, and Tom! They had such a productive business trip to New Jersey helping guide the North Jersey Market towards breaking the performance record for their ENTIRE region.

Mike, Ben, and Kaylan are back from the 2014 Top Gun Conference in Dallas, Texas. They networked with the best of the best and made a great impression across the board representing Fast Trak Inc.

While some Fast Trak Inc. Superstars return from successful events, we are sending off Carol, Aramis and Kaylan to Atlanta for a two week trip improving client relationships and strengthening our team.


Fast Trak is also traveling to Chicago for a CEO conference and California for some well-deserved R & R. We can’t forget what we are MOST excited about and that is our trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica in the Fall for a company wide R & R Retreat. Team bonding and light training for two days on sandy beaches will be SUCH a blast!