Have the Perfect Interview!!

job interview

Now that college graduation season is coming to an end, we thought it would be the perfect time to post some interview tips! So check out our top five tips for the perfect interview!!

1. Research the company!! We cannot stress this one enough! It’s important to come to a job interview prepared with knowledge about the company. Many companies will want to know how you can help their company, which will be a difficult question to answer if you aren’t sure what their company does!

2. Clean out your social media! Over 90% of employers are going to search your social media before you even step in the door, so be sure that you’re profiles are appropriate. Apps like Social Sweepster will go through your profiles and detect red solo cups, beer bottles, and other things that may be a red flag like profanity.

3. Have a great story statement!! When the hiring manager says “tell me about yourself” it’s good to have something more interesting to say than what college you attended. Add some of your personality to it to make you stand out. Be sure that your story statement is tailored to the position you’re currently applying for and has relevant information.

4. Be on time! Aim to arrive early, there is no reason to be late for an interview. Being late is a bad first impression and will start the interview on the wrong foot. Arriving about 15 minutes early will also give you time to complete any paperwork the company may have for you.

5. Dress the part! While this seems obvious, many people don’t realize they are wearing something unprofessional. Something overly distracting, like long bright fingernails, could hurt your chances at landing the position. Other things to avoid would be tight clothes, clothes that are too revealing, or something too casual.

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