How to land your dream job!!



It’s never too late to find your dream job! Whether you’re a recent college grad, or you’ve been in the same position for 20 years, it’s important to find a job you love. Technology has become so advanced that finding a job has become easier than ever! Not only are we able to browse hundreds of posting instantly, we’re also able to speak with hiring managers all over the country. Here are the four tips to landing your dream job!



Apply to jobs that aren’t listed! 

Many companies hire through referrals and skip the job listing process all together, so it’s important to network as much as possible. Get your resume out there so that when jobs become available you are the first applicant companies think of. Sites like LinkedIn are great for making connections and “getting your foot in the door”.


Don’t rely on your resume! 

With so much other technology available, you are now able to have a much more 3D application. Be sure to keep a Twitter, LinkedIn, and a blog so that employers are able to see more than a list of your accomplishments and best attributes. This can also help you stand out among other applicants who have relied solely on their resume.


Put less focus on the money!

People expect that as they gain experience their pay should be increasing, but it’s important to not put too much emphasis on the paychecks. Most of the best entrepreneurs started in garages and basements barely making enough to survive. People like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson found a passion and worked tirelessly to meet their goals. Find something you love and the money will follow.


Keep working

While it may be tempting to quit you day job and put all your effort into your job search, this might not lead to a dream job. Finding a new job doesn’t happen overnight and you do not want to rush the process. After a month or two of applying to jobs with no luck it can be tempting to take something, anything, to get back to work. If you’re really looking to find a job that is a great fit for you, staying in your current position will take off some financial pressure.



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