Live Cordless!

Wires: they are the price we pay for living in the connected age. Your laptop is connected to the wall. Your mouse is connected to your computer. The keyboard is connected to monitor. The phone is connected to the charger is connected to the wall and the green grass grows all around, all around; the green grass grows all around!

It can be depressing sitting at your desk and seeing all these wires, tangled and dangling. Sometimes, you might feel like you’re surrounded by these little rubber-insulated cords and they are dragging you down. With so many wires draped over your desk and hanging from the walls, it’s easy to identify with Jacob Marley’s ghost from “A Christmas Carol.”


But there are little tricks you can use to keep your desk not only de-cluttered but a little nicer and more motivating.

Definitely step into the 21st century with a wireless phone! It’s even better if you can invest in a hands-free device, leaving you free to work on other things while you phone into that conference call. Plus, nothing will make you feel more like an awesome super spy like a fancy headset!th

A wireless mouse also gets one more little thing off your desk. Just plug in the little USB and you’re off to the races! Cordless mice come in all shapes, sizes, colors and themes. Some high-end versions even have keys on the side so you can do a few keyboard functions with your hand on the mouse!


A new innovation in the world of tech are charging pads. Charge it up overnight, then during the day if the batteries in your cell phone or your tablet drops, just place it on the charging pad and it will recharge your batteries…sans cords!

The Kikkerland Charging Station is another (cheaper) option for all your electronics. This one just disguises the cords, hiding them in the fake grass with the cords extending out an opening in the base so you can plug it into the wall or a surge protector under your desk.

And you can disguise that overworked outlet under your workspace by simply draping a dark swatch or material in front of the outlet. What a difference!


You know the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees?” By hiding and disguising all your wires and cords, you’ll see more than just the trees or the forest: you’ll see your own unbound potential!

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