Monkey Business

Guess what day it is? Yes, Monday, we’ve heard it all before. But it’s also a very special holiday in the Chinese culture. It’s the start of the New Lunar Year and this year is the year of the monkey!

In Chinese astrology, there are twelve different zodiac animals and each year is attributed to one animal. This year, the monkey reigns. Whatever year you are born, your life, personality, career, and relationships are tied with the characteristics of the current zodiac animal. People born in the year of the ox are stubborn and methodical. People born in the year of the tiger are passionate and make strong leaders. In honor of the holiday, we thought it might be interesting to point out some characteristics of your standard run-of-the-mill “monkey.”


The typical “monkey” is smart, witty and have a magnetic personality. People are drawn to their outgoing personality. Monkeys are also very mischievous, like their animal counterparts. But those little practical jokes may go too far and if someone is offended, the monkey might feel like they are being misunderstood. When around large crowds, the monkey’s moods can change quickly from cheerful and energetic to withdrawn and subdued. They are also very good at reading others’ emotions which makes them very easy to get along with.


Monkeys are driven by impulse. If something seems interesting to them like an idea or a new project, they will eagerly jump on board. This sort of impulsive approach could mean that they either meet moments of success or crash and burn and must learn from their mistakes. A monkey finds it hard to focus on doing one thing and doing it well: they have the energy and enthusiasm to pursue several projects, but this is often a mistake. Ever hear the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” That’s a monkey who is trying to do too much. If they settle into one career long-term, they are often very successful and can advance their careers quickly!

Best Careers for Monkeys:

Accountants, Directors, Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers, Sales Representatives


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