Promotions at Fast Trak Inc. Lead to Sales Increase


At Fast Trak Inc., we believe that everybody has their own specific talent, and that in business these talents should be used. For this reason, we regularly promote people to positions that fit their abilities, and ensure that all teams working within our company work well together and are effective in their role.

Recently, Fast Trak Inc. has been reporting even better sales figures than usual, bringing in much more cash and many more leads, and we owe this to making use of our talented team members. Companies that do not promote staff as often or use the talents of individuals will soon learn that this is the key to success.

In the week ending in June 15th, we announced 164 leads and $11k in revenue. The week ending in June 22nd resulted in another 165 leads with $11.5k in revenue, and the week ending in June 29th gave us an incredibly 189 leads with $14k in revenue. The really incredible result, however, was the week ending in July 6th. This week gave us more than 200 leads, and a massive $16k in revenue.

We owe this to our dedicated team and professionals. Joshua Klenner is one of our team members who is about to be promoted to team leader, and we are sure that his experience and knowledge will help continue to push the company forwards.

Roles that we have recently been updating include the position of Account Manager. Our new assistant manager is Trevor Mattingly, who oversees and manages campaign trainers and sales and marketing representatives. We have also promoted people to assistant manager levels in different areas of the business and believe their impact on public relations has helped us increase our reach.