Social Media Marketing for Small Business!


As a new, or existing, business it is important to have social media to reach your customers. Here are five tips on how to conquer the social media world for your small business!

1. Use large networks like Twitter! With over 200 million active users, you will be able to reach your customers. Interacting with customers makes them 72% more likely to make a future purchase with your business! This also allows you to connect with your customers and quickly address problems that may come up.

2. Analyze past content! Certain keywords and hashtags will gain the attention of more users and expand your reach. It’s important to be getting the maximum reach possible. It is also important to analyze each social media platform individually to see what will work best.

3. Use images in your post! Adding images to posts and tweets will help draw attention to the post. With 6,000 tweets per second on Twitter, it’s important to have something that stands out on your posts.

4. Switch up content formats! Having variety in your posts will grab the attention of more people. Things like videos and articles can be used to make your post more interesting to the reader.

5. Be consistent! Be sure that you are consistently posting content to your followers! This will help you gain followers (and customers!) and it will also help with your search engine optimization!

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