Fiber optic expansion!!


In 2014, the amount of commercial buildings soared up to 43%!! This number is four times higher than it was ten years ago and does not seem to be slowing down. This includes company-owned and multi-tenant buildings, so the percentage of individual businesses using it is much higher!! Researchers estimated that a whopping 2 million business are currently using fiber optics! A recent survey showed that respondents saw fiber optic connection as a top competitive advantage. Do you have fiber optics yet?!

Fiber Optic expansion in Arlington!


On Saturday, February 21 2015, the Arlington county board voted to start selling fiber optic access to federal agencies, businesses, and organizations in the commercial areas. Arlington’s fiber optics were initially built with extra capacity to be sold for economic development. Since faster and stronger connections have become an important staple of doing business the county is expecting this to attract more businesses to the area. Roslyn-Ballston corridor, Glebe Road, Columbia Pike, and Crystal city are among the areas that will have access to the fiber optics.


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