We’re expanding! AGAIN!!



Fast Trak is happy to announce the opening of a third location in Tysons Corner! Due to top notch performance from our employees, we have been able to triple the size of our business this year!!  We plan to continue shattering new records every month and expanding until Fast Trak is a household name! Come check us out at our new location on November 2nd!!

1880 Howard Ave. Suite 201

Vienna, VA 22182



Fiber Optic Friday!!



Happy Fiber Optic Friday Everyone!! Here are four fun facts about fiber optics for you to kick off the weekend with!!

1. Fiber optics use Light! Thats right, no electricity passes through fiber optic cables. This also means there is no heat (and no fire hazards!!).

2. Fiber optics are green!! Since fiber optics use no electricity, there is less energy flowing threw them!! Less power means less carbon output and lower emissions!!

3. Fiber optics aren’t influenced by the weather!! Yup you heard that correctly, fiber optics can’t be influenced by rain, heat, or snow!

4. Fiber optics makes a house worth more!! Fiber optic services add a whopping $5,000 to the perceived value of a home! WOW!!

Fast Trak’s Book Recommendation!


Looking for another read this summer? be sure to check out Rework by Jason Fried!! It focuses on a better, faster, way to succeed in business. Fried goes against standard business models, encouraging people to avoid plans, not use outside investors, and ignore the competition. The book argues that people spend too much time with paperwork and meetings instead of getting work done. Fried offers ideas to help be more productive, get cheap exposure and lots of counterintuitive ideas to advance your business. This book is the perfect way to kick off your weekend!! Happy Friday Everyone!

Five Ways to Lead More Efficiently!


Good management can be the difference between a company outperforming competitors and failing. So what differentiates the good from the best?

1. Create the right environment: Be sure to be a leader and not just an authority that gives orders. You want to encourage a leadership environment where employees will step up, make decisions, and take action in the absence of orders.

2. Everyone should feel safe: Trust and loyalty are extremely important to any team. Staying calm under pressure, having good communication, and providing necessary resources for your employees will make them comfortable and able to perform their jobs.

3. Actively manage through change: Change in business is inevitable, so it is important to know how to handle it. Employees need to know what is changing and why it is important. Each individual employee must be aware of how this will affect their role specifically. Be sure to over-communicate in times of change and get as much feedback as possible on what is (or isn’t) working.

4.Embrace servant leadership: Don’t ask your employees to do anything you haven’t already done, or aren’t willing to do yourself. Although being the leader means you cannot always be working side by side with your employees, it’s important to do so now and then.

5. Let your team take the wheel: Give employees an opportunity to demonstrate their individual skills. If you have someone who is great with statistics, let them lead a meeting on performance metrics. This will allow each person on the team to have their own identity within the team.



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