How to be a Persuasive Co-Worker


It’s a fierce world out there. Competition for choice careers is high and in order to stay on top of your game, you need to stand out as much as you can. There are several ways to make your mark in the office from the overt (like showing up early or closing the most deals) to the covert…which we’ll cover today. Some of the most successful people in your office you’ll notice are the ones who don’t work themselves into a sweaty pulp by 4pm. The most successful people are often the most persuasive!

Persuasive people are masters at casting their point of view in the most positive light. They can influence others into agreeing with them simply by employing a few verbal and physical techniques that will inevitably play persuasive mind games with the other person. Master these techniques, and you’ll stand out from your competition as the valuable and persuasive asset that you are!

So buckle up, young Jedi: it’s time for class.

1. Mirror body language. A lot of people will talk about not crossing your arms or legs to appear more “open” to the other person. Do not. Subconsciously, the person you’re talking to will “see themselves” in you and will be more likely to believe that you two are of the same mind.

2. Speak with confidence. This one seems like a no-brainer, but think about it. When you watch a presidential debate, are you going to feel comfortable supporting the guy sheepishly staring at his shoes or mumbling “Well…So…Uh…” Probably not. Make definitive statements! Stand your ground! You’re a lion! Hear you roar!

3. But don’t yell. Or wave your arms. This is a complicated dance you’re doing, balancing gestures and vocal patterns to sound strong and assertive without seeming like a crazy person. Speak deliberately, politely, smile on occasion and actually…..

4. LISTEN. Pause and listen to what the other person is saying. Not  only do you give your sparring partner a chance to voice their opinion, it shows respect, and they will see that and be more likely to reciprocate and listen to your point of view as a result. Plus, it gives you a chance to plan your  next move.

5. Compliment sincerely. When you listen to what they are saying, take a step back and verbally acknowledge something that they said. “I see what you’re saying,” “That’s an excellent point,” and “I agree” are a few useful phrases that will open the other person up to your perspective and will actually get them to parrot you back!

6. Transfer your energy. Make eye contact, touch their shoulder, or laugh. These acts make you seem strong and confident and like someone they want to follow and listen to.

7. Have good posture. This goes along with transferring your energy. But if you stand tall, you’ll be more imposing and seem like an authority.

8. Create opportunities. Consistently referring to the person you are talking to and offering them a chance to participate in the conversation, the project, the campaign, etc. makes them feel like they are being brought into an exclusive club. And who doesn’t like that? You are bringing them under your wing and showing them a whole new world. Bring them on board that flying carpet and make them feel like they are getting the experience of a lifetime by going your way.

9. Create scarcity. Push them. Express the idea that you are only accepting ten more applicants, or that the sale is only going on for a few more days. That sort of timeline will more often than not assuage them of any notion that they have time to think about what you’re saying and thus deny you.

10. Review. Get your last words out and close hard. Review your key points whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, do it. “Great, so let’s get started.” “Sounds like we’re good to go.” “Let’s proceed.” You see? You’re ready to get going, aren’t you?



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Fiber Optic Friday!!



Happy Fiber Optic Friday Everyone!! Here are four fun facts about fiber optics for you to kick off the weekend with!!

1. Fiber optics use Light! Thats right, no electricity passes through fiber optic cables. This also means there is no heat (and no fire hazards!!).

2. Fiber optics are green!! Since fiber optics use no electricity, there is less energy flowing threw them!! Less power means less carbon output and lower emissions!!

3. Fiber optics aren’t influenced by the weather!! Yup you heard that correctly, fiber optics can’t be influenced by rain, heat, or snow!

4. Fiber optics makes a house worth more!! Fiber optic services add a whopping $5,000 to the perceived value of a home! WOW!!

Five Ways to Lead More Efficiently!


Good management can be the difference between a company outperforming competitors and failing. So what differentiates the good from the best?

1. Create the right environment: Be sure to be a leader and not just an authority that gives orders. You want to encourage a leadership environment where employees will step up, make decisions, and take action in the absence of orders.

2. Everyone should feel safe: Trust and loyalty are extremely important to any team. Staying calm under pressure, having good communication, and providing necessary resources for your employees will make them comfortable and able to perform their jobs.

3. Actively manage through change: Change in business is inevitable, so it is important to know how to handle it. Employees need to know what is changing and why it is important. Each individual employee must be aware of how this will affect their role specifically. Be sure to over-communicate in times of change and get as much feedback as possible on what is (or isn’t) working.

4.Embrace servant leadership: Don’t ask your employees to do anything you haven’t already done, or aren’t willing to do yourself. Although being the leader means you cannot always be working side by side with your employees, it’s important to do so now and then.

5. Let your team take the wheel: Give employees an opportunity to demonstrate their individual skills. If you have someone who is great with statistics, let them lead a meeting on performance metrics. This will allow each person on the team to have their own identity within the team.



Five Tips To Stand Out At Work!!

Concept Vector Graphic- Hiring(selecting) The Best Job Candidate

Having trouble getting a promotion? Check out these five tips to stand out at work!

1. Be a “yes” person. It’s important that you are able to complete tasks that you’re given at work without resistance. If a manager sees you are able to complete all the work you receive, it will help differentiate yourself from other employees. Bonus points for positivity!!

2. Seek out educational opportunities- There are tons of books, online videos, and articles online that can help you further your knowledge of your field. Take advantage of all these resources that you’re able to get (for free!!). Being able to do more will make you an important asset to your company.

3. Understand your strengths, and use them!! Great at social media? Perfect! Volunteer to help your company amp up their social media online.

4. Show a little of your personal side. Personal interests help people identify and remember you, which can be a big advantage when you’re trying to stand out in a large company. Just be sure that your personal life doesn’t overshadow your professional life.

5. Work harder than everyone else. Nothing is a substitute for hard work.

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