Be Heard! Here’s How!

What does it mean to be heard? Too often– especially this time of year with the presidential debates–the idea of “being heard” means being the loudest one out there or the most insistent.

Let’s be clear: being insistent is different than being persistent. Persistence is not giving up in the face of adversity and finding new ways to achieve your goal. Being insistent is stubbornly sticking to your own opinions, ideas, or plans without trying to adapt. An insistent person will shout and argue and talk over everyone else. A persistent person tries again and again to come out on top, but even if they don’t, they’ll consent to change.

Marketing is all about being heard. It’s communication in essence. Zingy slogans, eye-catching ads, enticing campaigns are all ways that companies use to be heard by consumers. And there are several ways that you can communicate with your target market. Since communication is a two-way street, you have to be willing to not only put your ideas out there, but to listen to the feedback. The most successful businesses out there are the ones who have a strong working relationship with their customers. They send emails, they have “Members” discounts, they put out surveys and offer perks and sales to those who provide that all-too important information.

Think of it as two people trying to communicate from opposite sides of a football field. The only way they have to communicate with each other is by writing notes on the same football and then throwing it to the other person. They have to keep passing the ball with new questions, answers, comments, and responses in order to come to any agreement. Neither can make the next move until the other has handed over communication. If one person holds onto the ball and refuses to pass it, the communication has broken down and nobody is being heard anymore.

The best way to get communication going between a company and the market is to make it fun for the people! Here are a few great interactive campaigns we’ve seen over the years.





The Climb Up Mt. Disappointment

Everybody knows that the path to success isn’t all daisies and sunshine. It’s a challenge! It’s a trial by fire and the rules are always changing. Achieving success is a mountain you have to climb, and if you’re a novice, that often means a lot of disappointment along the way.

Enter Mt. Disappointment, L.A., California.

View from Mt. Disappointment

View from Mt. Disappointment

Honestly! There is a mountain in California named Mt. Disappointment, so-called because when the land surveyors in 1875 climbed what they thought was the highest peak in the L.A. Basin, they realized upon reaching the summit that there was in fact a higher mountain just to the south. The surveyors then had to pack all of their equipment, descend the mountain that had just climbed and then ascend an even higher mountain. Whether it was in jest or they were that frustrated, the first mountain was named Mt. Disappointment.

However, the mountain hasn’t gone to waste. Since its naming, the peak was flattened and in the 1950’s it was used for a Nike missile base. There is also now a service road that connects Mt. Disappointment and its rival, San Gabriel, for avid hikers. The loop is famed for being difficult, but incredibly scenic. Those who are up to the challenge of reaching San Gabriel’s peak are rewarded with views of Mt. Baldy (yes, Mt. Baldy), the L.A. Basin, Strawberry Peak, the San Fernando Valley and the Hollywood Hills.

Mt. Disappointment is certainly more functional than fun, but it’s purpose has been served. Without that initial, albeit anti-climactic ascent, the surveyors wouldn’t have discovered the more impressive opportunities afforded by San Gabriel. Sure it was disappointing, yes it was frustrating, but it wasn’t a waste of time to climb Mt. Disappointment. The surveyors were where everyone who has been a beginning entrepreneur or a start-up business have been. To find the next bigger and better success, you have to overcome some serious disappointments. But each disappointment gets you closer and closer to your next achievement.