Something Rotten in Your Office

Something is seriously wrong…with the economy. If this is news to you, it’s time to wake up and pay attention! Income inequality (especially among social classes and genders) unchecked political influence and too-rigid views of capitalism drive an economy into stagnation. Dambisa Moyo has studied economic patterns and suggests a new, more flexible view of capitalism and progress to help the country’s economy. Progress is possible, but only with change!

Better Communication in 10 Steps!

This week, we’ve been covering the art of better communication in the professional sphere. Just a couple decades ago, people were speaking with eloquence and clarity that today is largely overlooked. Words are punctuated to clusters of letters or slang, and in the professional working world, you end up sounding like a child. Get out of the sandbox and learn how to communicate!

Change the Way You Use Social Media

Wael Ghonim wants to change the way we act and think on social media platforms. No longer just a base for posting funny pictures or the latest craze in food, social media is a political and economic minefield. By approaching social media behavior, Ghonim wonders if we can change the way we interact with others and conduct business.


The Single Biggest Reason Startups SUCCEED!

We see it every day: “Grand Opening” signs and flags and promotions in vibrant colors splashed across the front page of the local news website. For a few months, they do amazing business and the future looks bright. But then something happens and suddenly, the Little Business That Could closes its doors. Across town, another startup is chugging along, turning a profit and thinking about expanding. What does one business have that the other lacks? What’s the secret? Bill Gross looked into the world of successful startups and what he found was surprising!


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