Where in the world is Fast Trak Inc.?

Fast Trak Inc. travels around the country to attend corporate events, meet with mentors, and networking with elite performers on a tropical island.

So where in the world will Fast Trak Inc. be in upcoming months? The answer is… just about everywhere!

This weekend, you can find Kaylan, Ben, Amber, and Mike in Dallas for our Top Gun Meeting! This group of talented individuals was hand selected as the top performers to attend and represent our office!


In September, we will be traveling to the busy city of Chicago for our Top of the Division Meeting where top performers will be recognized for their hard work and achievements.

In October, the top representative for ever office will travel to California to spend a weekend with the founder of our company. We love getting inspired and motivated by our mentors!

The most exciting travel destination will be happening in November. You can find us kicking our sandy feet up on the beautiful beaches of  Montego Bay, JAMAICA for our annual R & R Retreat.

Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay, Jamaica