You’re Sabotaging Yourself at Work

Humility is the Achilles Heel of the business world. You can be professional and mature, but humility is the kiss of death. Business and success are for people who are not afraid to make compromises and at times be more assertive than the guy standing next to them.

There’s a line, a sort of balancing act you have to perform. When is being polite too much? At what point does your modesty turn detrimental? In some cultures, it’s common practice to brush off the compliments or praise from a client or fellow co-worker and say, “Oh, it’s nothing” or “No, no, really I’m just the low man on this totem pole.” But at a certain point, usually around the time you find yourself thinking “Wait, am I really that worthless?” you cross that line and give people a negative impression of you.

Think of it this way: the more you tell someone they are special or awesome or funny, they’re going to start believing it and will act accordingly. They’ll glow with that confidence you fill them with. So why would you deny yourself that validation? If you want to succeed, you need to sell yourself as successful!

Words to watch out for in everyday conversation include:

like (think Valley Girl, using ‘like’ between every other word.)

just (as in “I just wanted to say…”)

only (as in “I’m only a rep, I’m not really in a position to say.”)

sort of (as in “We’re sort of in the business of…”)

infancy (as in “Our company is still in its infancy.”)

Don’t diminish yourself or your company. If you want to succeed, you need to toot your own horn and make yourself look phenomenal!


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