Fun facts for fiber optic Friday!!

fiber opics

Happy fiber optic Friday everyone!! Here are seven fun facts about fiber optics to kick off your weekend with!

1. Fiber optics can bring up the value of your home by $5,000!!

2. NASA uses fiber optics because they are lightweight!

3. Fiber optics are good for the environment!! They use less energy than other methods and leave a smaller carbon footprint!

4. Fiber optics are old! The technology has actually been around since the 1870’s!!

5. Fiber optics are secure! It is much more expensive and difficult to tap into fiber optics than it is with copper and normal wiring

6. Sharks are trying to eat the internet! They have been chewing on cables that are installed underwater.

7. The internet’s undersea backbone is built to last for the next 25 years! Wow!